What is REAL Keto?

We’re always asked what ‘keto’ means; where does it come from, who ‘invented’ it, how much Weight can be lost? All of these questions can be answered - but they must be answered correctly. The Ketogenic Diet has ripped into the North American markets faster then any one ‘fad’ diet. It has the dieting consumer stir crazy on eating all the fats one can possibly consume. Is that really what the Ketogenic Diet is? 

No! The Ketogenic Diet is a lifestyle. It is not to be confused with eating ‘cheeseburgers all day’. It is a precise scientific meal plan that forces your body to eat its own fat - by eating fat. The most important thing one can do while starting this way of Living is to know your facts. Ensure that you have support. Ensure that you're dropping your glucose safely and that you know what the signs of healthy ketosis is. 

Quick n Yummy not only brings you healthy snacking; But we know what we’re talking about when it comes to The Ketogenic Diet. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or help needed on your journey. Our own journey started over 15 years ago.. catch a glimpse of our ‘why’ on this link! What’s your why? 



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